God Loves You

The divine breath of life is a loving, intelligent force that whispers to you if you listen. You are so loved and understood and heard by this beautiful force. Are you willing to listen to this beautiful whisper? Are you willing to become a channel for this force to move through you effortlessly? Source wants to connect with you. Are you ready to enter higher dimensions of consciousness and explore the mystery of life? Life is here to serve you in the highest. Explore and fall in love with all the layers and dimensions of you through Source. 

Having your own direct relationship to Source is the answer. I healed from multiple massive traumas including abandonment and abuse and came out stronger and more divinely sovereign than ever. I am now aligned authentically in my Source Power, touching people’s hearts and changing lives through the pure love and innocence of God.

Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction

This is a specific type of meditation that merges you back into Source. The mantra is the vibration of your soul, allowing you to invoke your inner guidance and unlock hidden potential and higher states of consciousness within you. It restores you back into wholeness, helping you to transcend all conditioning and transmute all darkness into light.

Private Coaching

These are sessions based on what you need for spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. I combine all the wisdom I have gained on a soul level with intuitive guidance, being a conduit for Source energy to flow through me to be of service to you. 

 Divine Breath of Life Retreats

These are infusions of the Divine Feminine, bridging together local Indian women with Western women for deep soul connection, intimacy, empowerment, and a reverence for life. Everybody is welcome to join this sacred journey back into the womb of the Divine Mother through the heart.


Private Coaching, PSM Instruction, Intuitive Guidance Healing

I am a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher certified by The Chopra Center (Deepak Chopra) and a Source Connection Catalyst. Primordial Sound Meditation is a specific type of meditation where you get the vibration of your soul as the mantra to transcend all conditioning and transmute wounds/traumas to re-enter wholeness and merge back into Source. Private Coaching with me and my guides includes intuitive guidance and daily integrative practices designed specifically for you to evolve into the next higher version of yourself and regain authentic connection with your own pure divine essence.

“The relaxing atmosphere and openness of perception she is able to invite and witness, is profoundly felt, at many levels. From the soothing sound of her voice to the words of wisdom and clarity she speaks, it’s a wise and peaceful journey the one she can invite you on, encouraging to let go of projections and inspiring to dive in that deep unique space we all share.”



“…she made me find a place of love, non judgment and acceptance of who I am.”



Create a Direct Relationship to Source

Free 8-Week Exploration Journey to Connect to Source – just subscribe with your name and email address, then check your email for the link.

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