8-Week Exploration Journey For Pure Connection With Source


Cultivating Direct Connection to Source:

1. Write to Source/Universe/Higher Power every day.

2. Feel this energy breathing you and experiencing life through you as often as you can throughout the day. I can feel it especially when I eat my favorite food because it gives me pure joy.

3. Breathe into your heart, visualize your heart expanding and feeling one with the entire universe, solar system, galaxy etc. Feeling and merging with all of creation as one, unified energetic flow.

4. Connect to the trees and whatever resonates with you in nature. I love ladybugs and puppies. I can feel Source energy in trees, ladybugs, and puppies.

5. Start a dialogue with God/Source/Universe/Higher Power. Ask for help if you need or simply ask to be shown the way. Observe how it responds to you through loving intelligence.

6. Open your heart to yourself in ways you haven’t tried yet and the universe will match you a thousand-fold. Whether if it is seeing and feeling your inner child or nourishing your body with food that is not only healthy but truly resonates with you, every step is observed by the universe. The universe is always listening to you and responding with love. Cultivate your language with it so you can fully understand how to communicate with Source.

WEEK ONE – The Fall of the Old Spiritual Paradigm

The conditioning given to us does not serve us anymore. You are a powerful being that is limitless. What you have been taught about yourself is a lie. God is not separate from you. God is so close to you yet we don’t have the eyes to see. It is so easy to come back to truth and get reconnected to God. In fact, God is eagerly waiting for you to come back. God loves you and never judges you no matter what you do or who you are. It is time to rewire everything in life as a different way to live. You do not need anyone else to get connected to God. It is easy to talk to God. In this course, we rewire ourselves to celebrate God and ourselves as the children of God. In the first week, we learn how to start direct communication with God.

Daily Practice 1: Start a conversation with God. You might not hear anything. If it’s more comfortable, write a letter to God. God is always around. If your longing is pure and from the heart, God will hear it and respond.

Daily Practice 2: Listen to the language of God. God responds through signs, feelings, even words. We explore how to learn the language of the universe. I guide you through it. Just know you will have your own language you develop with the universe because you are unique. Each soul is unique with a different path.

Daily Practice 3: I introduce primordial sound meditation to start listening to God even better. As you meditate, God’s voice/feelings become clearer and clearer.

WEEK TWO – God as a Sweet Voice (Like a Wise Child)

God is a calming, beautiful, loving voice to me. When I feel anxious or upset about past traumas, God is there to soothe me. God is immense strength and pure love. God does not judge or condemn. When God speaks, He/She offers wisdom through love. It does not appear to be masculine or feminine. It appears to be something beyond. It’s still a mystery to me. But a beautiful mystery. I do not care about the unknown because I am happy with whatever I can feel about God through God. This week, we ask for a revelation and explore life as a child.

Daily Practice 1: Ask for a revelation- I was helped by someone else to ask  for a revelation some time ago and I am continuously receiving my revelations through life. All you have to do is ask! Ask with a pure intention of wanting to know God for the sake of love, not because of an ulterior motive. Even if it was an ulterior motive, I believe God would respond in a certain way because God loves you. But we want to do it out of love because love is the greatest and the most powerful intention in the universe. What you do with love with grow miraculously in your life. So, we plant this seed with love, asking God to reveal itself to us.

Daily Practice 2: Purify your vessel- now that we have asked for a revelation, it is time to allow the revelation to come to us. Allowing is part of the divine feminine. There are two energies that make up the entire universe- the masculine (consciousness) and the feminine (energy). The masculine is the asking and the feminine is the listening/allowing. So, it is now time to allow God to reveal itself to you. Remember, God was always there but we couldn’t listen because we had blocks. So, this week we observe our blocks. Make note of anything that drains you, limits your power, or makes you feel upset/angry/irritated. Just write it down. This is the first step to knowing how you live and where you give away your energy/soul power. We will explore this together. I will give you new ways of thinking and being in the next weeks.

Daily Practice 3: Play with a child. I have observed young children to be great teachers. I am a child myself. That’s why I could make it through my life. It is my joy and childishness that keeps me going. If you observe children, they have a curiosity and wonder and joy of life. They know what they want and what they don’t want. Just observe how they live and act in the world. Next week, we apply this to spirituality.

WEEK THREE – Cultivating Joy and the Wonder of a Child

To me, God appears to laugh a lot and have endless radiance and joy. So do the angels. In fact, all the universe lives in love and joy. In the upper realms, everything is light and fun. The angels sing and dance. God loves my child-like soul, pure heart, and curiosity for life. So, I decided to keep these going for the rest of my life no matter what happens. Off course, I entered states of depression in different stages because of traumatic events. However, I was brought back to my inner joy and radiance in some way or another. I am certain that you are not doing your life alone. God is living through you. You are merely a vessel. The more you realize that, the easier life gets. You are just one part of the whole universe- an important part but just one aspect of it. It is through each one of us, that God orchestrates the whole universe. What one person does affects the whole universe so why not be joyful and radiant like God? You are made of God, birthed by God, lived through by God so why not be like God himself/herself? This joy has immense power. It heals everything and everyone you touch without you even knowing it. Joy is an inside thing. It is not pleasure. Joy is the celebration of being alive, being here on Earth, getting to serve God because you love God, knowing everything will be okay because you are made by God, for God to reconnect with God. Joy is the realization that you chose life and life chose you for a much bigger purpose. Joy is salvation. Joy is a rediscovery of yourself as innately beautiful and divine. Wonder is taking that joy further to keep diving in the mystery of life and God. Joy and Wonder work together to serve your work here in the world and to help you go beyond it to merge back with God.

Daily Practice 1: The Joy of Being Alive- What I do to get myself out of negative thinking and negative states of mind is feel that I’m alive. My heart is alive and my breath is moving in and out. If you could take a minute to feel that you are alive each day, you get reconnected to God. The breath is a gateway to God. You don’t even have to slow it down. You could if you wanted to but just the awareness of the breath takes you to the state of oneness with God.

Daily Practice 2: Gratitude- God is loving and appreciating everything all the time. God doesn’t force you to do anything or want you to do anything to please Him/Her. God is simply appreciating you all the time with love. There is nothing you could do that could stop God from loving you. I personally want to be more grateful in my life because our God is such a loving force. It humbles me. Gratitude as a gift of God rather than something you have to do to attract better things in your life. That will happen naturally anyways because of the law of attraction but I do not want to be grateful because I want something better to come. I want to be grateful because I am humbled by the love I have received from the divine forces and it was through God’s heart that it was possible. I write down ten things each to be grateful for and why. I encourage you to get a journal and do the same. I have been doing this for a very long time. I have many journals filled with gratitude statements.

Daily Practice 3: Imagination is receiving- Children love to imagine. They do it all day. I do it too. I daydream all the time. I imagine through my meditations. What I didn’t know before was that imagination is receiving from the divine forces. I have developed meditation journeys so you can imagine more clearly for yourself with lots of joy and wonder. We will discuss what different symbols can mean in these journeys.

WEEK FOUR – Taking Your Source Power Back

Children know what they want. They cry for it until they get it. You never have to cry for anything but you must take your power to know what you want and choose what you want. We must connect to our divine power within us and radiate that out to the world. The more we take our power back, the more we are connected to Source, the more divine energy will flow from our higher selves through us and within us. It is energy just waiting to shower you with love, joy, and abundance so we must connect to this divine power to radically transform. I will be guiding you through a meditation journey to connect with your higher self and allow its light and energy to flow within you, surrounding you with so much immense love, gratitude, abundance, alchemy and above all else- the power of Source. This will shift your perception of life and your experience here on Earth.

Daily Practice 1- Connecting to your higher self meditation journey- I will be guiding you live and you will receive a recording of it so you can do it daily as well.

Daily Practice 2- The Violet Flame- this is a powerful tool by ascended master St. Germain to help you transmute all fears, negativity, density, blocks so you can shine your light. It also protects you, allowing you to be fully transformed into light. I do it three times a day everyday and you will receive this as well. It is important to feel the vibration of it as you do this. These words have immense power as do all words that you speak.

Daily Practice 3- Where are you investing your energy? What do you do on a daily basis? Where do you give your power away? Observe and takes notes for a couple of days on how you spend your money, time, resources, energy etc. Is it being put to beneficial use to expand your consciousness and tap into source power whether it is through food, the company you keep etc.? If not, how can you make changes to take your power back so you can invest it in things that actually resonate with you. Children keep all their power in the present moment, which is true source power because life is in the present moment. What does that really mean? We will explore that in this week’s live call.  There are different tools you can use to bring your power back such as imagining what you want to create instead of letting your power slip in thinking about the past.

WEEK FIVE – The Innocence of Being

Many have talked about the power of being. And you will already have to started to feel it through meditation. There is an innate underlying love, intelligent consciousness within all things. Children recognize that and celebrate that. That’s why they just are. They don’t need to think so much. This week is all about letting go and celebrating being. Now that you have started to take your power back, it is time to dive deeper into this dimension of being. You can feel this being in everything- in trees, the moon, the stars, humans, cats, dogs, puppies, bears, bees, flowers etc. It exists in everything and everyone. This is underlying consciousness is Source although Source extends even farther and deeper than you can imagine. So, it is important to connect with this dimension of being to be able to connect with Source directly. It is more loving and intelligent you can ever imagine. Once you are connected, you could never go back to your old way of being. It brings so much humility and reverence for life and life starts to show up in different ways for you. You start to experience Source in everyone and everything you do. It is magical and it is possible for you and everyone because this dimension of being is also within you.

Daily Practice 1- Children are innocent because they are so much in the ‘being’, not in the ‘doing’. They never have to do anything to get anywhere. There is no place to go, nothing to achieve. Everything is unfolding through this dimension of being. When you realize this, it is much easier to let go and let God take over. Because God is taking over anyways whether you are in resistant to it or not. So this week, practicing the art of letting go and allowing God to take over. Affirmations to do in front of the mirror: ‘I surrender all my worries and fears to God. I let the higher power decide for me because I know this higher power does the highest good for me and everyone. I know God loves me and wants the best for me, far greater than what I could imagine for myself’. ‘I am a source being and I am connected to Source.’ ‘Source loves me no matter what I think, feel, do or be.’ ‘I allow Source fully in my life and I completely trust life as I open myself to divine grace.’

Daily Practice 2- Observe what shows up for you as you do these affirmations daily. What revelations have you had since the first week? What has shifted for you in different ways? We will discuss this more in the live call. Right now, just observe the dimension of being in children, pets, animals, nature, your loved ones, strangers etc. Everywhere you go, notice how everything is breathing and moving and alive. There is a movement and a flow to this being. Just like your breath, it moves in and out. Rivers go upstream and downstream. Everything contracts and expands just like we do. There is a rhythm to the universe and God is one with the universe. In that sense, God is always moving and showering us unconditionally (without wanting anything back). It is up to us to receive it and allow this flow to move through us- this is being connected to Source, life, the dimension of being. So, observe your own breath throughout the day but not only your own breath-observe the universal breath in everything and everyone. Watch how people come and go, situations rise from nothing and fall back into nothingness, the sun rises and sets, the birds fly in a certain way, we sleep and wake up and go back to sleep.

Daily Practice 3- Falling in Love with Life- the best way to enter this dimension of innocence and being is just allowing yourself to immerse in life. Do something that makes you happy (from the inside). Joy is internal. This could be painting, dancing, cooking etc. Anything that nourishes your soul and spirit. Any activity you do or thought you think affects the universe because we are all connected so if you took some time each day to do one thing that got you back in love with life, that energy goes to the entire universe and gets you connected to Source. Because Source loves life! Source loves to play, dance, create, love, imagine etc. For me, I personally love to dance freely for thirty minutes each day. It gets you back into the flow of the divine.

WEEK SIX – God Heals And Transforms Like No Other

God is the reason we are here and God is infinitely intelligent. God knows exactly what you need in each moment. All you have to do is ask and be open. True healing is a return back to Source.

Daily Practice 1- Ask and Believe- Ask Source with love to enter into your wounds so that they can be healed. It is up to you how you want to do that because this is your own personal relationship with Source. And believe that you are worthy enough to receive that and that Source will do anything and everything for you out of love. The power of prayer is extremely strong but you must be willing to believe and receive it.

Daily Practice 2- Feeling the Divine Feminine/Mother Earth- There is a beautiful energy that is the feminine aspect of the universe. The Divine Feminine has been lost in many of us over time (men and women) because it was not respected. Now, as we are going through a major shift, it is time for the rising of this divine feminine force that is so sweet and loving yet fierce and strong. You can feel her in all aspects of nature. I talk to trees, the moon etc. This week, I will be teaching you how to connect to nature so you can have your own experiences. Lady Gaia, the soul of the Earth invited you to come here because she loves you. It is your time to shine and reconnect with her so that you can help accelerate the awakening of the planet. The New World is already here. Just believe and receive. Lady Gaia is calling you.

Daily Practice 3- Abundance- Abundance can mean many things and is not limited to money. Abundance is really a shift from feeling like there isn’t enough to having more than enough. God is sacred and is in everything so money is divine as well as everything else. In that case, because everything is divine, it is your birthright to have it because you are a child of God. You deserve to have the best of everything and so does everyone else. Again, if you shift your mindset, it helps the entire universe shift as well. It is important to feel the fullness of life in each and every moment, not just in terms of money. Money is energy just like everything else. I will be sending you hypnosis recordings to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to feel worthy and abundant. The best part is you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is listen to them everyday. Connecting back to Source is meant to be easy and joyful because we were never really separated in the first place.

WEEK SEVEN – Manifesting A New World By Being A Child

We are in the process of birthing a new world where the old structures based on fear and scarcity get replaced by principles of abundance, truth, harmony, and interconnectedness. It is our purpose to shine our lights, radiate our essence and visualize and manifest the new world by having fun and playing with life like a child. We are children of the Universe.

Daily Practice 1 – Conscious Creating- create everything consciously and authentically in your life. Children love to create. Choose what resonates with you and let go of what doesn’t whether that includes thoughts, people, situations etc. There is so much to choose from at every moment- the possibilities are unlimited and there is a buffet of choices. If you don’t like something, just don’t put your attention on it. Listen to your own inner intelligence and being before you choose no matter if you are choosing furniture or jobs. I will be giving you tools to connect deeply with your intuition which makes it easier. Continuing your daily meditation practice will also make it much easier. This week we explore the joy of getting to choose what we want and creating it! Source is creating all the time. We are here to create so let’s consciously create magic, joy, love, and abundance, worthiness at each moment of our lives instead of taking what other people give us and losing our own essence and spark. It is time to shine your light so consciously feel about what you would like to create in the bigger picture. Create a vision for yourself through Source. Ask Source to help you make it clearer and to enliven it with your deeper essence so that it’s authentic to you and backed by Source energy.

Daily Practice 2 – Receive Blessings from the Archangels/Ascended Masters/Unicorns/Angels/Dragons etc. These are all manifestations of Source energy and you can use them at any time by cultivating a relationship with them and invoking them regularly. Off course, it is completely a choice. You do not need to but if you feel called to, it can be a mystical and magical experience. I will be discussing the different energies you can work with and how you can connect with them on your own in this week’s live call. There are many and I will focus on the ones that I really resonate with and have cultivated a relationship with. I will also send you different documents to give you all the information you need to be able to do it as much as you want/need. It is truly joyful to be able to do this and you will feel like a child the first time you experience it! We will be doing it together.

Daily Practice 3- Visualizing and Grounding (a fun game)-Let’s explore our limitless potential. You might be cultivating gifts of intuition as you go further into your meditation journey as well as diving deeper into this course. The one thing to note is God is unlimited and we can’t really imagine what that looks like. In that sense, everything imaginable is real because it’s all a part of an infinite God. There are no boundaries, no rules, no limits. God encompasses everything. Keep that in mind as you do these practices. Imagine yourself as a light being, receiving the light of your higher self coming through your central channel (back body) and going deep down into the heart of the Earth through etheric roots under your feet. This allows your energy to move freely and flow from the higher dimensions into Earth, re-establishing your connection to Source as well as grounding you into the Earth. Grounding is very important anytime you do any of these practices this week because it helps you bring all the energy from up above and manifest it down here which is quite important for any change to occur. Next, I want you to imagine your energetic field as a rainbow with all the colors of the rainbow in your aura. Your rainbow light body is your higher self. We will be exploring the different dimensions of you in this week so be open to everything. Also, imagine other people’s light bodies as you talk to them or have an encounter with them this week. Everyone has an energetic field. If a rainbow is too hard, imagine their energetic field (an aura of golden light). You will be receiving a visual chart of this to make it easier for you and I will be guiding you through this process. If this becomes comfortable for you, we can go even further and apply this concept to animals, trees etc. Visualization is a powerful tool. Remember, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you are experiencing and what you are visualizing. The more you visualize higher vibrations, energetic fields, light dimensions, the more powerful it becomes and you will start to live in a higher vibratory state that allows you to be connected with Source more often.

WEEK EIGHT – Opening Your Heart to God

Opening your heart to God is opening your heart to yourself. Your heart holds all the treasures of life. By truly loving yourself, you truly love life and all of creation. God is eagerly waiting to meet you through your heart. Source cannot wait for its love to be known to you. There is no experience in life like the love of God.

Daily Practice 1- Feel your heart- You can talk to your heart. It has loving wisdom just like everything else. Bring awareness to your heart each day to start feeling life more deeply. Life has a greater dimension to it than what appears on the surface (as we have explored together). What does your heart have to say? What does your inner child want to say to you? Your inner child resides in your heart. What does your soul want to say to you? Your soul resides in your heart. Listen with humility and gratitude because magical messages will appear. The divine enters through the heart. The heart has the magical key to unlock all mysteries of life.

Daily Practice 2- Do Something to Honor Your Heart/Soul/Inner Child- It is time to feel about what you could do to serve your heart. What do these parts of you feel called to do? Do you want to serve others and be of service in some way? It could be as small as helping somebody with something. The magic of serving through the heart is that all our hearts are connected because we are all one. When you serve others through the heart, you receive immense benefits because of this. We are here to give as well as receive and this is an important law of life and God. God doesn’t need to receive anything from us but it is in the giving to God that we receive the most. So choose to do something that really speaks to your heart and we will discuss it further.

Daily Practice 3- Opening Your Heart to Yourself- the one you need to love the most is You and through that, you love God because you are one with God. So, this week, take steps to see how you can love yourself even more. I will be guiding you on a meditation journey to help you feel how loved you are in the entire cosmos. You are loved just for being you. Loving God means loving you. God never stops loving you for a second no matter what happens. It is time to love yourself like God loves you and you will have woken up to God just by falling so deeply in love with yourself. Remember God is eagerly waiting for your reunion and you will succeed no matter what because God is on your side.


Use these invocations daily or whenever you wish to invoke Spirit and the angels and shine your light. Sit quietly and clear your head and open yourself to a higher self in the universe. 

In this bonus meditation you’ll get more intimate with your angels, guides and everything around. They are eager to speak to you!

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