Primordial Sound Meditation + Coaching = Source Bliss

Primordial Sound Meditation is a specific type of meditation practice that merges you back in Source and transmutes all conditioning, wounds, traumas into light. The mantra is the vibration of your soul and this is scientifically calculated. It is given in Sanskrit, which is the language of vibration and that is why it is extremely powerful. The mantra is divinely intelligent and knows what you need at every moment to go back into wholeness and oneness. It invokes your inner creative wisdom, unlocks higher states of consciousness, and ultimately leads you back into the universal self. It also resonates your unique frequency into the universe, calling in more of everything that resonates with your unique soul essence into your life.  

Primordial Sound Meditation with Private Coaching gives you everything you need to have a smooth, effortless transition into the next stage of your soul’s evolution. We work intuitively with my higher guidance to give you the exact, personalized tools that you would need as you move forward on your spiritual path. 

Experience these Possibilities as you Evolve through this Journey:

  • Increased energy, life-force, health and wellness
  • Continuous Joy And Freedom as your natural state
  • Purging of fear, accumulated stress, past hurts/traumas
  • Creating new neural pathways in the brain to rewire old programming
  • Getting in the feeling state of the divine feminine power
  • Being able to truly receive from the universe with an open heart
  • Feeling the fullness and enoughness of life itself without need anything else outside of you
  • Simplicity and Clarity on what to do, how to think, what choices to make
  • Becoming one-pointed, centered, authentic and whole
  • Becoming more aware and conscious of yourself and your relationship to others
  • Letting go of Judgement to enter neutrality/inner presence/spaciousness
  • Knowing your true self and your worth
  • Getting connected to your higher self
  • Letting go of conditioning
  • Experiencing the loving intelligence of Source
  • Having an intimate relationship with nature
  • Making meditation an easy, daily practice through primordial sound
  • Increased creativity
  • Being able to handle stress as it shows up
  • Entering a new dimension of consciousness and relationship with life
  • Transcending old emotional patterns
  • Consciously manifesting your new future self through channeling your pure, positive energy into what you want through empowerment
  • Being in the flow of the divine breath of life and letting go of struggle
  • Channeling and radiating source energy
  • Connecting to your own heart and being in love with yourself
  • Tapping into the power of your heart

Is This Program Right For You?

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Technical Overview

Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction Course

3 (60 minute) Sessions = Introduction to PSM, Benefits of PSM, Personal Instruction, How PSM Works, Practical Guidelines for PSM, Breakdown of the Journey of Higher States of Consciousness and the Merging Back Into Universal Self

Private Coaching Sessions = (Long-Term Support Available as well as Short-Term Packages)

Daily Integrative Practices, Intuitive Guidance, 3 Vision Outcomes Set at the Beginning to Measure Progress, Review Summaries with Key Points Sent after Each Session, Specialized Tools to Achieve Your Vision Outcomes

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