As I have been observing my ego in the past few weeks, I realized that the negative false realities that it creates seem so real. Each fake story seems so real that you get so sucked into it and you really need a wake-up call to restore your authentic self. There is a part of you that is observing everything (consciousness). Off course, it is challenging to know yourself to be the observer all the time if you are not used to it. But the more you practice it, the easier it gets. It is quite addictive to be attached to the ego because it feels good to immerse yourself in the familiar. It’s almost like a drug because this pain of separation gives you relief from your own truth of who and what you are being in your life. It feels safe, not necessarily because we, human beings, like being in separation and in false realities, but because, it’s just the way we were trained to be. Once we re-train our minds to not be attached to the false stories, there is a sense of peace and neutrality. There is a sense of not caring about outcomes and situations as much yet still being free to enjoy life. Off course, this can take lifetimes but each moment you spend as the observer is never wasted. Each moment as an observer has a cumulative effect and your power grows stronger and stronger.  That’s the simplest, most profound way to start on your physical path back to truth/Source/reality. The observer in you (consciousness) reveals many hidden dimensions of reality as you start to observe life more and more. We cannot access these hidden gifts of life if we are in false stories/realities. These gifts are different for each one of us because we are in different life experiences yet all are equally magical and miraculous because they arise lovingly from the Creator.