One of my dreams and visions that have surfaced recently is creating a school for people to parent their inner child. This is so essential because most of us get stuck in life because we don’t know how to meet the needs of our little, beautiful inner child. The inner child exists on a different dimension but it’s more real than anything you could ever imagine. He or she wants your love and attention. We tend to forget our little inner child because we can’t see them. Most of us don’t know that there is a little inner child inside of you. If your inner child didn’t get his or her needs met as you transitioned through life, it will start screaming and things will start to seem difficult. Why wait for him or her to scream? Why not get in touch directly and see what they need? You would typically do the same in any other relationship that you cared about. This is one of the most special relationships because this inner child is the guide to how you can live life carefree and joyfully. He or she knows exactly what you want and need just like the cells in your body or the divine mother in the Earth. All we have to do is connect with all parts of us/life. Just connecting with them and letting them take over is enough. Your inner child will ask you to dance or go to the park and relax. Just let him or her take over and watch what magical things unfold.

My life completely changed when I was willing to be present with all parts of myself. In fact, I was going through some struggles until I realized my inner child wasn’t feeling safe enough and grounded enough to move forward and start the next level of my life. I was feeling ready, but she wasn’t, so there was self-sabotage going on, because she was scared. As soon as I connected with her and asked her what she needed in order to feel safe, I felt her joy and excitement. She was bouncing around, ready to be more grounded in my body and take over. I felt a sense of peace and a true love for life. It feels so relieving to be connected with her. She’s a strong, mighty warrior and she knows what she wants and how to get it if I let her take over.