Today, I start a new journey of life.

On this day, I am filled with joy because I leave my old life behind. I just entered a higher level of consciousness because of who I am and what I set my intentions on in my life. It was that simple.

Source is very simple. The Angels are simple. Simply joyful and loving. There is no complexity. There is no effort required to go anywhere or to do anything. Spirituality is simple. You were always enough. You could never have been more enough. You cannot be more enough. You are enough just the way you are right now. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just let go and enjoy the experience. Let spirit handle all the details of what to do and where to go. Let yourself be a conduit. Simplify life. Ask and you shall receive. I am above no one and beneath no one. You are above no one and beneath no one yet so worthy.

Worthiness is the secret to simplicity. The more worthy I think I am, the more I don’t need to control outcomes, try to attain goals, or accumulate anything. Because I never lost anything in the first place- it was all an illusion to have a temporary experience. When the illusion breaks, you are left with worthiness and simplicity – the simplicity of life.