It takes true courage to show up in life.  It’s quite painful sometimes but it’s more painful to not show up. In the moment, it seems much easier to escape the present moment to avoid showing up. However, only when the feeling is felt and you have heard every bit of your heart and inner child, can you truly experience what you came here to experience. We chose our lessons and experiences based on what we wanted to grow and expand in. Let us not forget the choices we have. Yes, you can escape the pain but you also escape life-force and God in each moment that you escape. Surrender, for me, is a multi-dimensional word. Yes, you are giving it all up to a greater power. However, you are using your willpower and faith to allow God to enter fully, so in that case, surrender is not surrender but a sense of power. Surrender is true power. How much power do I have that I can trust the reality of my higher self to step in and navigate each situation? This power comes from knowing ourselves and the truth of life and creation. Self-awareness is what gets you there. As you become aware of all your multi-dimensional layers, there is a sense of knowing – a knowing that I will be taken care of no matter what and that there is a divine team working on my behalf that are guiding me even if I am not able to listen and receive them at this moment. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to hear them because there is so much noise and clutter. But then there is also a sense of knowing that this clutter and noise are here to transform me and I will clear them up as I evolve and I will ascend no matter what. Surrender is knowing you will succeed no matter what situation you are in or what outcomes you are dealing with. You will succeed no matter what. That is the guarantee of life.