Years ago, I had a lost ring that I used to wear on my ring finger that really symbolized love for me because I had really craved and wanted love. It was given to be by my grandmother. I had lost it due to it not being the right size for me. Years after, in Auroville, I was told by someone that looked into my eyes and told me I was going to lose another ring in five years and it would change my life.

Exactly five years later, I met my birth mom and lost another ring in that time. This time, it was the ring that symbolized luck for me and being able to have things flow in the way that I want. Today, exactly a year later, is my birthday and I set an intention to connect with my monad (higher self), Source, and the Archangels to honor them and serve them. As I did a deep meditation with the Archangels today, the angels of Metatron gifted me a ring from Source. And I instantly knew it was the ring that I had lost but more than that. It was everything that I had ever wanted and could imagine and this time, it was here to stay. It was exactly the right size, glowing with light.

Lose the ring that you are scared of losing so you can receive an even better ring from Source.