What does it really mean to be a warrior of light? This term changed my life forever as I was reading Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage and Manual of the Warrior of Light. This single term kept me going through my entire life even when I didn’t really know what it meant. I only started understanding this through Archangel Michael. I always had the courage and rebellious spark to live a different type of life but the real warrior in me was fully ignited through Michael. What a powerful yet compassionate force of the universe. It all comes down to one moment to ignite this strength within you. You have a choice to stand in your own light and in your power or to stand in fear and darkness. The moment you make that choice to trust and surrender and stand in your light, the entire universe conspires to swoop you in. You have now entered a whole different universe- a universe that is so alive, loving, trustworthy etc. It was always there but now it becomes your reality.

That is the difference between choosing to stand in source power or choosing to stand in powerlessness. If you’ve seen The Matrix, it’s like choosing between the red pill or the blue pill. Which one do you choose? My own moment of choice happened for the first time when Archangel Michael asked, “Do you trust me?”. And I realized that all my life it had been the same question. That one question alone changed my life forever. Later on, in an intense healing session, where past memories of aggressiveness by my father were showing up, I had a choice to either breathe through them and stand in my light of God or fall prey to the density and darkness. Michael put his hand on my heart and said to me so sweetly, “You can do it”. And that was the end. I never looked back. I chose my light.