My entire life, I felt I was never worthy. I felt unwanted and not worthy of even living life. And all my life experiences had been showing up as evidence for that because I had a strong belief of unworthiness. I felt not good enough for anything or anyone. I felt undeserving of love, relationships, money, power and everything. I had a strong faith in God but I never realized that believing in God meant believing in yourself because God created you and loves you. As I connect to God today, the message I receive is always, “If you doubt yourself in any way, you doubt God and all of creation”.

What does God mean by doubting? Doubt means to not know your power and to not know how loved you are by the entire creation. It’s only when I started connecting to my higher self and the divine forces that I realized that I am worthy because I am a child of God. It is as simple as that. I am worthy and deserving of everything because I am breathed by life-force energy (source energy) and I am one with God already. I was never separate, undeserving or unworthy. It all came from one life event that was so traumatic that I had stopped breathing fully and living life. I had suffocated myself this whole time until I could bring that part of myself back into existence. This event was an abortion my birth mother had when I was first conceived. It stopped me from trusting life because the source of my life (in the physical form) in that moment had terminated my life. And this led to a traumatic birth when she did conceive me again and a bigger, overall pattern which was us separating forever.

The moment that I realized my worthiness was the moment I realized she was never the source of my life. God is the source of my life and all life. God brought me here. I am here for God, through God, by God, with God. All healing is going back to God and merging back with God. You are here for that and to create through your union with God. If you never realign with God while you’re here, you never really lived because God is Life.